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Adelai Brown, Heart Coach


Hello there! I’m Adelai,  and I would like to welcome you to Be Blessed! Daily.  As a woman, I know the burden of  looking like you have it all together, but slowly feel like you’re dying inside. Far too many of us are struggling because we’re trying to build perfectly, immaculate lives with unstable, faulty foundations. We have built families, established businesses, and/or, obtained degrees, only to find out that those accomplishments still weren’t enough. YOU have ALL of the tools necessary to live a STELLAR life, but, I know, you  just can’t seem to put the pieces together, right? No worries,  that’s where Be Blessed! Daily comes in. I coach broken women to uncover hidden hurts and insecurities to live blessed, daily! 

Be Blessed! Daily is built on these 3 principles:

  • Get Anchored! – Everyone needs to be spiritually anchored so that they have a sturdy foundation to build positively productive lives. When you know your true source, you can tap into your power.
  • Trust the Process! – A process is a systematic order or series of steps carried out an expected end. Life is ALL about going through processes, but our success,peace and fulfillment is determined by HOW one goes through the process.
  • Take Action! – many of life’s struggles can be remedied by consistent, strategic movement. You can plan all day, but implementation of the plan brings about results. DON’T stop moving!

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Anchor your life with Be Blessed! Daily… 

We offer services through the vehicles of:

 Group and Personal Life Coaching

Youth Mentoring

Our welcoming atmosphere and engaging approach to coaching has allowed us to build a community of women who welcome transformation and are embracing the gift of authentic self expression. We are determined to inspire and motivate women and want YOU involved!  We all need to Be Blessed! Daily!

Join us on this exciting journey of experiencing and expressing the innate greatness that we all personally have to offer!


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