The Process

The Process 

Trust the Process
The Process
I want to say Hello and I apologize for my lack of consistency with posting my blog. I have no excuses. I’m running to and from myself all at the same time. Let me explain…

I’ve always wrestled with my confidence. I always knew that I had something special inside of me, but I never felt special enough to actually realize and operate in this unique gift that I was created to share. I am not saying any of this to have a pity party, but for so long I was a victimizing myself by the limiting mindset that so many of us possess. So, now that I’ve found myself in the newborn stages of building my empire, I’m finding it harder to stay focused and on task while transitioning to a different and empowered way of thinking.

It’s all about the process. Trust the process.
I’ve been making excuses, that don’t satisfy me, about why I haven’t gotten my blog updated or made adjustments in other areas of my business. I realize that I’m resisting the inevitable. I’m on the brink of greatness. I committed my heart to the desires of the will of God, but I didn’t realize what that truly meant. The resistance is heavier as we ascend to soar in our greatness. I’ve been allowing that gravity to hold me back some, but NO more!
It’s all about the process. Trust the process.
I’ve been experiencing a mental, emotional and, most of all, spiritual detox that I wasn’t completely prepared for. I was always accustomed to being strong and resilient. I’m now learning and experiencing the strength in being vulnerable and transparent, and what that really looks like in my life. I must be willing to demolish the conscious and subconscious barriers that I once used as protection, but are now blockages in my life. I must if I want to experience abundance in every area of my life, not just my finances.
I’m a student in the school of life. We don’t graduate until we transition from this form of existence. My studies have taught me that all things work out for my good, that was taught by Apostle Paul. I must stay humble and diligent, ready to move as my spirit leads me, no matter what. Despite my insecurities, I must SHINE my light bright. Despite my doubts and fears, I must leave it all out on the floor- empty of substance.
You see, I know these things in my head, but this detox, that’s been processing me, is making room in my heart, and innermost feelings to truly embrace this way of living. I’m talking about living in a state of water walking faith. I’m talking about whole heartedly accepting the blessings of the cross and everything that Jesus did so that I can do what I need to do, while doing it in greatness.
It’s been a process, but I trust the process, and I’m committed to it. I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to live a life that people only dream of. Im committed to being the best that I can be so that I can make the greatest impact in the universe. 
This process has pushed me to my limits and tested my faith. This process has made me aware of seemingly normal thoughts and behaviors ,that I do or have done, that are stealing my joy. This process has taught me how to accept my faults and surrender the desire to always be right. This process has taught me how to forgive myself and others, over and over again. This process has taught me to be decisive- if I listen to my spirit, I’ll never go wrong. Lastly, this process has taught me the power of taking ACTION. 
Taking action makes all of your pain, study and preparations worthwhile. With that being said, I allowed my internal self sabotage to hold me back from blogging. I love pouring my thoughts onto this canvas and sharing it for the world to see. I love being an inspiration to others whether it takes the form of a flicker, or a supernova. 
Since I’ve committed to the process, a process that leads me to my destiny, I recommit to my blog. I’ll post weekly and stay in touch with all of you beautiful people traveling this awesome journey along with me. 
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As a Heart coach, I coach broken women to uncover hidden hurts and insecurities so that they live blessed, daily. I inspire and empower them to breakthrough the glass ceilings of their lives and soar into their unlimited greatness. Once we hone in on our purpose, prosperity is a byproduct of that great union. I want you aware of your purpose, anchored in your greatness and ready to fly into your destiny.
Adelai Brown, Founder
Be Blessed! Daily

After recently and successfully completing an extensive entrepreneurship course, networking to build the administrative side of my company, self publishing my book, Anchored! Be Blessed! Daily Volume 1and coming in to awareness of the limitless potential inside of me, I’m more than prepared to help my ladies breakthrough so that we can all soar into this stratosphere of greatness! 

The Process came to make you, not break you!
Be Blessed!
Adelai Brown

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