What Are You Thinking?

What Are You Thinking? what are you thinking

Lately I’ve noticed how much limited thinking and beliefs limits life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Growing up in the church, I was exposed to lofty promises of Abundant living and blessings exceeding my imagination, but never quite believed it because I hadn’t seen these practices modeled realistically. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the bible and all that my faith embodies. My problem was getting from only believing to actually experiencing these holy principles that I was assured were already mine. Let me tell you, this pursuit has been heard fought and this is only the beginning, but I’m on to something.Solomon says in proverbs “As a man thinks so is he…”. Think about that. What you think of yourself and your circumstances forms your reality. People often get upset when told this simple truth, but our lives are direct representations of the thoughts that we were thinking and have been thinking over the years. I have noticed this truth in my own life. I lived life with a grudge in my heart. I felt I had to prove my worth through the acts of my successes and those of my children. I thought so less of myself, that I was easily offended and often blamed others for my lack of peace and contentment. Something had to give. I truly got Anchored in my pursuit of happiness and fulfillment and found that my core thoughts were puppeteering my life, on a subconscious level. I had to radically change some thought patterns which required some serious courage.

Really, what are you thinking?

Let’s talk about scenarios that may mold your thinking. Were you were raised in a critical envWhat are you thinkingironment where every move you made was under a microscope and nothing was ever good enough?
Did you grow up in an environment where you were encouraged and applauded no matter what you accomplished? Were you raised with a parent absent, physically or emotionally, and struggled to make sense of it?
Often, people attack surface symptoms, such as health issues and relationship challenges, in pursuit of more fulfilled living. What they fail to realize is that they must dig deeper, to the source of their problems, in order for the symptoms to truly be resolved.

Ok, Seriously, what are you thinking?

Let’s talk about vulnerability.
Ouch! Run for your life!
Many hear that word and completely barricade themselves off from anything that seemingly associates itself with the thought. Yes, be vulnerable. Vulnerability is being difficult to defend or easy to attack says the Webster Family dictionary, so that puts you in a great place. What? Is she crazy? No I’m not crazy. When you’re afraid to be vulnerable you’re afraid to be your authentic self. This means you will walk around life thinking that you must act a certain way, look a certain way, or even live a certain way to be validated, important, or accepted by others.

What you think about yourself effects how you give and receive love, acceptance and criticism. Being vulnerable allows you to challenge the blue print of your thoughts and also be open to enlightening and empowering new mindsets. You must open yourself to the idea that you need to radically reconstruct some of your core beliefs about yourself and the world you live in. It takes courage, which is a form of vulnerability, to accept and implement  change in your life that truly rocks the planet. Until today you may have viewed being vulnerable as a weakness, but boy oh boy, it’s a fortified strength.

So I started off talking about your thinking and ended urging you to be vulnerable. You have so much to offer the universe that you can’t afford to play small, or limit your potential anymore due to limiting beliefs (i.e. stinking thinking). Open up! The Creator of the universe created you for something that the world needs and only you can offer. Align your thoughts with His thoughts for you. Get connected to your source and your life will begin to change for the better.Heart Talk

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