Life Simplified

Life Simplified

Happy New Year 

From all of us at Be Blessed! Daily we’d like to start this year off sending love and blessings your way ! We are expecting 2017  to be a year of BREAKTHROUGH and GREATNESS and it’s already going as planned. 

Life Simplified

As we embark on this journey, 2017, I want you to honestly think about what you have resolved to do this year. Have you, like many other “responsible” women,  invited your new year in with lists of to-do’s that further contribute to the chaos that you already experience on a daily basis? Come on now?! I know it’s not just me?

Being a wife, mother, entrepreneur, mentor, etc…, I know the heaviness that the weight of being perfect carries.  I welcome you to view this  as a year of being honest with yourself about how overwhelming YOUR life has been, how you really feel when you tell others “I’m OK” or “I’ve got it”.  

You see, 2017 is not your year to continue to compile greater expectations on yourself without, first, working on building you from within- Life Simplified. Life Simplified is a phrase that dropped in my spirit just before the new year. I came to a chilling, yet peaceful, reality when I accepted the holy download that LESS is more,  and, less is better. As I prepared for my Toast to the New Year, I realized that my ability to simplify will determine my ability to grow and soar in 2017.  I do not need to compile mountains of to-do’s and overbook my calendar to be productive and live a life of purpose. I don’t need to continue to find my value in my doing, but, instead, embrace the value of me being my authentic self, no matter how that may be expressed. 

 I started my business  BY FAITH. I know what God told me He will do through me, but I couldn’t see how in 2016. I was confident that He would answer my prayers, but my lack of love and self worth caused me to doubt Him in hours that I needed to stand strong, for me.  I complicated my life by needing to do extra, be all things for all people, and never fully committing to myself.  Life Simplified reminds me to  love on Adelai, first, and then I’ll have enough to share with the others that I hold so near and dear to my heart. It allows me to follow my dreams, unapologetic-ally, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. Life Simplified allows me to be lovingly honest to others, even if offense may be taken. Life Simplified allows me to freely be me.

Reasons Why we have trouble living Life Simplified

Many women, if they’ll be honest, don’t truly value themselves.  Because of this often “hidden” lack of self- worth, we find ourselves in lifelong compromising situations that we don’t realize are limiting our potential. We have to look a certain way, live a certain place, drive a certain vehicle to remind ourselves of our essence, all the while, neglecting the fact that your true treasure is within you, a place that is sacred to you and God, a place secured by Jesus’ blood. I often ask my Heart Talk ladies to be honest with themselves about why they can’t forgive that estranged father or wear their natural hair. Is it just a personal preference for you, or are you holding on to deep seated hurt, pain, and doubt that shows up on the surfaces of your life as straight-forwardness or strength? 

Simplify your life by being honest and true with yourself. Take a little self inventory of your daily schedule and habits and see where you need to focus more on your purpose than helping others pursue and fulfill theirs. Think of your life like an airplane. We are instructed, in the event of an emergency, to place on our oxygen mask on before attempting to save others. If not, you can risk the lives of both you, and the person you are attempting to save. Think of your every day life the same way. You can’t save your husband, children, parents or best friends if you aren’t willing to first invest in the navigation of your own course in life. Life Simplified.

Life Simplified for YOU in 2017

You are not selfish or mean for wanting to live Life Simplified. Embrace this new year with new expectations on God. Make room in your life for breakthrough, inspiration, and empowerment to happen. No longer conform to the social and cultural norms that inhibit growth, creativity, and vulnerability. Embrace the small still voice of God whispering sweet aromas of instruction for you to live by.  Living a life simplified will help you live life by design.

 I’d love for you to join me and other amazing women as we embark on this journey of living Life Simplified  Make your new year a year of simplifying in preparation for greatness!

Be Blessed!


Adelai Brown is the Author of Anchored! Be Blessed! Daily Volume 1 and Founder of Be Blessed! Daily, a personal development company where she coaches broken women to uncover hidden hurt and insecurity to live blessed daily.

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