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Meet Adelai Brown

Adelai Brown, Heart Coach and Founder of Be Blessed! Daily

 Heart Coach and Founder of Be Blessed! Daily, Adelai Brown is a purpose destined to be fulfilled. No stranger to adversity and the tests and toils of life, she has committed her life to coaching women;  inspiring and empowering them to breakthrough intellectual, emotional and spiritual glass ceilings so that they can live blessed lives, daily.

After overcoming thoughts of suicide, debilitating insecurities, and  depression,  Adelai deeply values the power of vulnerability ,and, because of it, her coaching style is anchored in trust and transparency. She is passionately driven and committed to build a community of women who are determined  to transforming their lives to live  empowered and on purpose. Adelai promotes trusting the process of life and values being spiritually anchored so that women can take daily action to live blessed. 

Working since the tender age of 11, Adelai has held many positions, though coaching is her gift. She worked for over 10   years in the healthcare industry, with 5 of those years being served in management.

                           In 2015 ,afterpublishing her first book, Anchored! Be Blessed! Daily Volume 1, she committed to coaching women, full-time,

Anchored! Be Blessed! Daily Volume One

and has not looked back since.


Adelai was  taught the importance of love, compassion, wisdom and living on purpose at an early age. Her grandmother, the late  Addie Hutto Beach, instilled strong morals and work ethic in her at a young age.  Because of this, she has been able to grow and thrive in many dysfunctional environments while still being productive and resourceful.

Adelai Brown is a leader who has embraced her call in life and is passionate about fulfilling her purpose. Get anchored with her and BBD  and uncover those hidden hurts and insecurities so that you can live blessed, daily!

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Be Blessed! Daily

“Inspired.”  “Encouraged.”  “Uplifted.”  “Empowered.”  “On Fire.”   “Exciting” “Transformed”….

These are the words our clients use to describe their experiences with Be Blessed! Daily.
Be Blessed! Daily is a transformational personal development company that uses coaching and mentoring to inspire and empower women and youth to uncover hidden hurt and breakthrough barriers so that they can live blessed, daily. We serve individuals and families in personal and professional environments.
Be Blessed! Daily is built on these 3 principles:
Get Anchored! – Everyone needs to be spiritually anchored so that they
have a sturdy foundation to build positively productive lives. When you
know your true source, you can tap into your power.
Trust the Process! – A process is a systematic order or series of steps
carried out an expected end. Life is ALL about going through processes,
but our success,peace and fulfillment is determined by HOW one goes
through the process.
Take Action! – many of life’s struggles can be remedied by consistent,
strategic movement. You can plan all day, but implementation of the plan
brings about results. DON’T stop moving!
Our services include, but are not limited to:
– Individual and group coaching services,
– Mentoring programs,
– Coaching workshops and trainings,
– Live retreats
– Community summits
Struggle in life is inevitable, but it does NOT have to defeat you.  YOU have greatness within you.  Our powerful strategies help to shine a light on the dark places in the heart, often uncovering hidden hurts and insecurities, allowing for healing and growth and blessed daily living.
Our individual and group coaching sessions  focus on enhancing one’s quality of life through a warm, welcoming, yet , thought provoking approach. Workplace hostility, family arguments, and personal struggles can often derail one’s focus in life. Be Blessed! Daily  is committed to inspiring and empowering others to reach their unlimited potential while improving their immediate environment through the process. 
Connect with Be Blessed! Daily if you or someone you love,is ready to breakthrough and live blessed, daily!