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Adelai Brown is on a mission to transform the lives of women and youth through life anchoring communication and empowering inspiration. Adelai overcame depression, teenage pregnancy, and domestic violence to inspire women and youth to breakthrough hidden hurt and  insecurities, and live amazing lives by cultivating their inherent greatness.

The Why

Adelai speaks from her heart, sharing how she broke through the depths of despair and found the strength and courage to move past pain and into the light of peace, purpose and power. She’s a wife, mother of 4, and she uses her gift of speaking to inspire her family and community.

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After overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges like becoming a teen mother and battling with depression,  Adelai has used her faith and life experiences to overcome such a troublesome past.  She knows how it feels to be down and out, as well as, lost and confused. She has victoriously navigated through many tumultuous circumstances in her personal and professional life, and now uses the tools, skills and techniques  she has acquired along her journey to empower others through speaking, coaching and mentoring.

Many people are not aware that they were created for a unique purpose. We all possess a greatness within, that when properly expressed, manifests a wonderful life with great achievements.

Adelai Brown is known for delivering soul stirring words from a vein of love and sincerity that encourages productivity  and challenges the mental and emotional restrictions that many are burdened with. Her no nonsense style of communication engages and stimulates audiences. She is committed to empowering others to breakthrough the limitations, glass ceilings, in their lives and soar in their God-given potential, unlimited greatnessBook Adelai  to speak today!

Discussion Topics

Trust the Process:
Embracing the steps and stages of life to live intentional and victoriously.
Get Anchored:
How to build a strong life by securing a strong foundation.
Take Action:
Counteract fear and procrastination with taking massive action. Make excuses to succeed, and not to fail.

*Will customize speech to meet audience needs*

Book Adelai to Speak

Book Adelai to Speak

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