How We Serve

Heart Talk

“Inspirational” “Motivational” “Deep” “Life-Changing”
Are all words that participants have used to describe Heart Talk.
Heart Talk
Join us for Heart Talk EVERY Monday night @9:15 pm (EST) call: 712-770-4035 access code:875-315

Heart Talk has been enhancing lives since September 1, 2014. This intimate group coaching session is designed to challenges participants’ limiting beliefs about themselves and their life’s potential. Heart Talk sessions uncover and address underlying  hurt and insecurities, that many women struggle with, through thought-provoking dialogue. Adelai Brown, BB!D founder, hosts these sessions live and via conference call, every Monday night. 

” Women are hurting and don’t truly know how to heal. We expose avenues to healing and vehicles  to restoration during each and every Heart Talk session”,says Brown.  

Participants are equipped with tools and strategies necessary to experience spiritual and emotional breakthrough and abundance, while living BLESSED, daily.

Your next retreat, getaway weekend, shower or conference needs the motivation and  inspiration of Heart Talk. Get the conversation started so that breakthrough can happen in your life!  Get your heart anchored.  

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Anchored Living Life Coaching

Are you tired of struggling in your relationships and finances?
Did you know that many of your  family, personal and relationship struggles are manifestations of a deeper issue that you maybe battling within?
Many women are drowning in doubts and insecurities that have been haunting them for a lifetime.
It’s time for you to wake up excited about your life and overcome burdensome patterns and habits.  


Connect with me. I’d love to chat with you!
You NEED to be exposed to your POWER! You NEED to BREAKTHROUGH!! 
Through 1:1 and group  coaching  You can experience life enhancing coaching that will :
  • help anchor your life spiritually so that you can stay grounded and rooted in purpose, no matter what doubts may come your way.
  • teach you how to trust the process in life-learn how to BREAKTHROUGH any of life’s circumstances.
  • inspire you to take CONTINUED action towards living blessed, daily!

Shine Time and Power Hour Mentoring

Be Blessed! Daily mentoring services

Be Blessed! Daily is committed to giving back to the community.  Our mission is to empower and inspire our youth to utilize their voices  for positive change while living morally responsible lives  and having healthy self-images.

Young ,men and women in grades 5-12 come out to discuss pressing issues in their lives,  meet other young people focused on blessed living, and learn tips and strategies to overcome adversity and live blessed, daily.

Be Blessed! Daily also  offers coaching services for youth and their families.  We serve the community by presenting to church groups, educational and community organizations, no name a few. We are committed to serving our youth and their families and strive to promote stronger relationships through enhanced communication between youth, their parents, and community members.  With the belief that anchoring the family strengthens the community, we have been  able to impact hundreds of youth and their communities.  

Be Blessed! Daily collaborates with The Village!

The Village is a collaboration of three grassroots organizations (Be Blessed! Daily, E, and The Peace Committee) coming together to impact communities. The Village is a mentoring group for young men and ladies in grades 5th-12th to work through esteem building using mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment. We want to develop the inner core of each child to be a greater extension of them.  We are hoping to be the solution to many problems teenagers are facing. Our primary focus is to engage, encourage, empower, and equip our young men and women with the necessary tools to be successful in life. We use creditable messengers; individuals who overcame adversity, and are willing to share their in depth stories, trials and tribulations to discourage negative behaviors.  We want to be a part of the solution understanding that it truly takes “The Village” to raise a child.
We are currently operating as an affiliate of E (Engage, Encourage, Equip and Empower) a non-profit, 501(c)(3).
With that being said, Be Blessed! Daily host three Let’s Talk Summits yearly: January, May and October. These Summits are built on topics that are pressing in the lives of our youth. The children are not censored, but directed through Biblical principles and real life experiences. Be Blessed! Daily also host Shine Time mentoring for young ladies in grades 5th-12thgrade the second Wednesday of each month. All sessions for both Shine Time and Power Hour are currently held at West Chester Park in Charleston, SC.