“Trust the Process” Allowing God to Reshape You from “Bruised and Broken” to “Beautiful and Blessed”





 Trust the Process

Allowing God to Reshape You From

“Bruised and Broken”


“Beautiful and Blessed”

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Have you been experiencing debilitating relationships that have left you bruised and feeling broken?  Do you have a desire to live a better life, and you’re not sure if you have  what it takes to make it happen?

Hi! I’m Adelai, Heart Coach with Be Blessed! Daily. The fact that you are reading this…lets me know that you’re tired of the brokenness in your life and  the limited existence that you’re experiencing because of it? Are you ready to experience the beauty of the blessed life that you were created to live? Great! Let’s make it happen!

Listen, I get it!

I know how it feels to walk through life burdened with the bruises of disappointments from the past while attempting to cover them with the “successes” of today. It hurts.

The smiles that I shared, and accomplishments that I pursued were masks for the brokenness I felt on a daily basis. I was drowning on the inside, and this caused many of my external relationships and aspirations to drown as well.

I focused more on helping others heal rather than allowing God to heal my own personal issues. 

I truly believed that I didn’t have the necessary tools to live blessed, and my life mirrored this thought process. It wasn’t until I opened my heart and allowed God to reshape/ change me, did I find out that breakthrough was always available, but I had to go through a process. God wants to mold and reshape you, but you too, must go through a process, His process. 

God’s process for your life promotes your purpose and provides you with peace to overcome adversities. You were created to live abundantly and bless others in ways that allow them to do the same. 
Those who Trust the Process are prone to experiencing:
  1. Spiritual, mental, and emotional breakthrough in every area of their lives
  2.  Healthy nourishing relationships
  3. Amplified self esteem
  4. Intensified Faith and a closer God

Will one of them be you? Are you ready to trust the process that God has created for your life?

I know that the thought of change can be very intimidating and difficult to implement, which is why so many people choose to live in dysfunction.  I created “Trust the Process” Allowing God to Reshape You From “Bruised and Broken” to “Beautiful and Blessed”, is a 2 disc audio set that will help you start the process of living more fulfilled by exposing you to God’s purpose in every area of your life. 

With Trust the Process You can expect to:
  1. learn the purpose of the Process and I’ll be there for you If and when you lose focus.
  2. begin to understand the priority of the process and the peace that it brings to your life. 
  3. Learn how to stay anchored during the pressures of the process while knowing your place and standing in it! 

It’s ALL about YOU living beautifully and blessed, on purpose, while taking control of your life by doing things God’s way!

Your bruises and brokenness didn’t come overnight, nor will your breakthrough…

This course will build you up, spiritually and emotionally, while encouraging you as  you transform your life…one step at a time. Listen to this course at your own pace, as I guide and support you through this journey.  I’ll be with you along the way. Begin to experience the fulfillment of boldly living your life on purpose while boldly giving and receiving the love that your were created to thrive in. 

If you’re ready to give God permission to reshape your life from bruised and broken to beautiful and blessed,   click this link http://beblesseddaily.com/product/trusttheprocess/  and begin to the Process to living Blessed! 

I am Adelai Brown , your Heart Coach with Be Blessed! Daily. Order Trust the Process TODAY at www.beblesseddaily.com/trusttheprocess/


Adelai Brown, Heart Coach 

Be Blessed! Daily


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